Are your Motion Detectors Hyper Sensitive?

Although it may seem as though your Motion Detectors are playing up by setting your alarms off for no apparent reason, it’s quite likely that they’re actually working perfectly well.

Motion detectors need to be set up properly to ensure they’re working to your specifications and, in most cases where there may be an issue, it’s likely that your detectors’ sensitivity was set too high. To avoid this, simply refer to your product’s user manual and you’ll find instructions on how to set the sensitivity.

If you own a dog, cat or other free-roaming pet and you have never installed pet-safe detectors, then your false alarms could be set off by their movements within your home. Installing pet-safe detectors can prevent this as they’re specially designed and programmed to ignore motion signals from animals. Click here to view the Ness Alarms range of pet-safe motion detectors.

There are a number of other reasons as to why your detectors may be setting off false alarms, the most common of which include:

  • Curtains, papers, sheets, cloth and the like being moved by the flow of wind through the building.
  • A build up of dust on the sensor.
  • Infra-red interference – where two or more motion detectors’ infra-red beams are crossing paths.
  • Tampering, by you or an unwanted visitor
  • Significant noise / high levels of bass; sporadic movements in the air, especially at lower frequencies can sometimes set motion detectors off, so please be weary of playing your music very loud.
  • Damaged housings, caused by bumps, falls or other associated DIY incidents.
  • Damaged cabling, potentially caused by pests.

Remember that trying to fix any damage to your units could void your warranty, so it’s best to have a professional at hand – moreover, by using our trained technicians, your property is sure to see the best repairs and upgrades available.

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