Ness Alarm and Security System Installation

From Alarms and Access Control Solutions to Back-to-Base Monitoring and HD CCTV, Ness Alarm’s technicians can provide professional and cost-effective alarm and security solution installations at the drop of a hat.

By having a qualified Ness Professional install your Ness or third-party security products, you can rest assured that your home, office or warehouse will benefit from unrivalled protection.

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Ness Alarms boasts a reputation spanning more than 30 years as a leading alarm and security systems installation specialist, faithfully servicing thousands of homes and offices throughout Sydney, every month. Our technicians are fully qualified and insured to carry out a broad range of services, each of which is specifically tailored to your given property.

Our professionals are sure to maintain your home, office or warehouse’s aesthetic and functional integrity as they work, meaning minimal disruption to your home life and working environment.

Ness Alarms is regularly sought after to install any number of Ness or third-party products, the most common of which include:

  • Ness Security Products
  • Ness Alarms
  • Third-party Alarms and associated hardware
  • Access Control
  • Back-to-base Monitoring Systems
  • Motion Detection Sensors
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Keypads and touchscreen interfaces
  • Sirens

Every Ness Alarms Professional is fully insured and qualified to carry out the following during the installation process:

  • Implement the full range of Ness security products
  • Set-up the most effective ranging for motion detectors
  • Analyse your property to establish the most effective locations for your security devices
  • Install tamper-resistant wiring
  • Implement effective back-to-base monitoring
  • Inspect for potential dust, damp or heat-related issues
  • Demonstrate and test your property’s new security features.

Ness Alarms will strive to set up and install any number of security features in your home within just 1 business day. If you’d like your office, warehouses or laboratories seen to, you can expect your property to be up and running within just 2-3 business days. Although the majority of our projects are completed within these timeframes, the actual completion time will vary depending on your project’s exact requirements.

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