Ness Alarm and Security System Upgrades

Many people live with the comforting thought that their alarm systems will maximise their safety, particularly in areas with higher crime rates. However, a number of those people will forget to regularly maintain their alarms or upgrade to newer versions, thereby, “opening the door” for intruders. Technology changes with each passing year and, with it, so do criminals’ abilities to outsmart it. Maintaining your alarm system at its highest standards will always ensure the most protection for your property.

It Might Be Time To Have Your Ness Or Third Party Alarm System Upgraded

Ness Alarms has applied over 30 years of industry experience to produce an upgrade service that truthfully exceeds on expectations; we can have everything you need, set-up and integrated at a moment’s notice. We arrive fully equipped to carry out any number of alarm-specific duties and always stock the latest in Alarm technologies as a means to quickly and efficiently perform on-the-spot, A-class upgrades.

If you would like to explore our range of alarm upgrades, please click here to take a look at our product catalogue. It features over 2,000 state-of-the-art alarm and security items that are sure to improve on the integrity of your property’s security.

Upgrading your alarms can be a completed and confusing process, but we’ve been doing it for years – just call us today on 1300 003 746 and we’ll be sure to help.

Ness Alarms’ technicians always start the job with everything they need. That means no return trips and no additional costs whilst ensuring that your home, your family and your office can all benefit from enhanced security.

Ness Alarms’ qualified technicians are more than qualified to carry out professional, certified upgrades on the following:

  • Ness Alarm Security systems
  • Ness Alarms
  • Third party alarm systems
  • Motion Sensors and related hardware
  • Back-to-base Monitoring Systems
  • Internal and External Sirens
  • Access Control Systems
  • CCTV Cameras and related hardware
  • Keypads and touchscreen interfaces

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Ness Alarms aims to have all domestic projects finalised within just 1 business day and all commercial or industrial upgrades performed in just 2-3 business days. That means a rapid, highly specialised service that’s aimed to meet your budgets. However, depending on the complexity of your project, these timeframes may vary.