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Ness Alarms, along with the vast majority of renowned security specialists throughout Australia, highly recommend that domestic property owners service their alarm systems at least once a year and commercial property owners at least twice a year. In the event of a break-in, most insurance companies will require proof that your alarm was working at the time of the incident and, if your back-up battery wasn’t working as it should, you might not be able to provide the proof you need.

A multitude of burglaries that take place in Australia are successful due to improper maintenance of back up alarm batteries. When a given property suffers a power cut, a back-up battery is your property’s first line of defence, providing all the power your alarm system needs to do its job. Whilst people understand that their alarm protects them, they sometimes forget to perform the essential maintenance their systems need to work at their best.

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Back-up batteries are designed to support your alarm system during emergency situations only. Due to their relatively small nature and the substantial amount of power required by the system, these types of batteries’ lifespans are subject to gradual deterioration. That goes to say that if you don’t service your battery often enough, you might find that your systems don’t work when they really need to.

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