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Ness Alarms, and our associated security products, stand at the very peak of domestic and commercial security and, as such, it is our uttermost priority to provide a range of unparalleled installation, maintenance, repair and upgrade services to suit.

We proud to offer a fast and cost-effective service to those in need throughout Sydney. From losing your access codes to upgrading your alarm’s back-up batteries, Ness Alarms has you covered.

Our Ness Professionals arrive fully equipped to handle a multitude of domestic and commercial security issues and we strive, with every job, to ensure that your project is completed on the spot – that means no return visits and bigger savings to be made.

Theft, burglary, breaking and entering and trespassing are crimes that some people are lucky enough to never experience. For everyone else, living with a potential threat everyday of your life can be an incredibly stressful notion and a devastating reality. By ensuring that you are running the most up-to-date security software, coupled with the latest in alarm and security technology, you are minimising your risk of facing that threat.

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Most of the services offered by us, including classic alarm installations, system maintenance and repairs, are completed within just 1 business day for domestic properties and within 2-3 business days for commercial or industrial properties. While we will always do our best to have the project completed on the spot, in some cases projects may take longer, depending on the size of the building and the issue at hand.

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